JCB Hercules Fullblood Savanna Buck (DNA)

                                                                                 Born 12/21/14 Sire: GCS Catapult  Dam: GCS Penny

We purchased Hercules as a 6 month old buckling from Sleepy Hollow Farm. He is a proven asset to our breeding program.  His parents ECS Catapult,ECS Penny and grandparents MGF Dollar and ECS Loretta are well known producers in the Savanna lineage. He has been the star of our program and the complete package  with model Savanna traits, rugged hardiness, majestic, massive size, docile temperament and  passes all this along  to his offspring.  He is our foundational herdsire and the core of our passion for raising Savanna goats.

ABF Tomahawk Fullblood Savanna Buck (DNA)

Born  1/12/19 Sire:  ITG B43  DAM: ABF 18

We were fortunate to purchase Tomahawk from Ashland Bottom Farm and are very excited to add  bloodlines from Indian Territory Farm and foundational lineage  within one generation to the imported Savanna‚Äôs.  Pictured at 6 months old this young buck has impressive muscle  development and brute size.  We look forward to his first offspring in 2020.